Nightlife Numbers: Why College Students Spend More

by Laura Aussenberg

Forget textbooks and tuition, the only thing most college students are interested in dropping dollars on these days is a fun night out at the club. So what if there isn’t a football team to root on or a homecoming tailgate in the picture, it’s in their nature to go out and wreak havoc on the town and on their wallets. And with no bills to pay and plenty of time to nurse nasty hangovers, there’s not much stopping college coeds from going out and hitting the clubs hard. Here are a few reasons why:

1) Mom and Dad Still Pay the Bills
The tab’s on dad! It’s easy for college students to drop big bucks at the club, because mom and dad are usually the ones doling out the dough. Whether or not they have the privilege of handing over daddy’s AMEX black card or simply get that anticipated check in the mail at the beginning of every month, a lot of students don’t have to work for their money so they don’t feel the need to exercise much restraint when it comes to spending it.

2) Higher Tolerance Means Higher Bills
Let’s face it, when you’re used to funneling gallons of beer down your throat, chugging pitchers and showing off your acrobatic skills with keg stands, there comes a time when it takes a little more alcohol in your system to get you feeling good to go. And when we say a little, we mean a lot. It doesn’t take an economics major to realize this supply and demand curve. When your low tolerance leaves you demanding more rounds of tequila shots, the club is definitely going to need to supply. And this is going to cost you. It’s not about chipping in a few bucks for a case. We’re talking the big league now where if you booze you lose…money.

3) Just Recently Turned 21
It’s hard to remember a time when we lived sheltered lives void of any alcoholic beverages, bars and nightclubs. But when you’re a college student, you’re still very much reminded of those dark, gloomy days because turning 21 was a recent milestone. Who can blame these freshly legal club-goers from going a little crazy?  College students are making up for lost and taking advantage of their new freedom. We all know that your celebration doesn’t stop when the clock strikes 12 on the eve of your 21st birthday. There are so many new cocktails to explore and so many tables to be purchased and when you’re that age, there’s no holding back.

4) Sick of the Frat Party Scene
Believe it or not, some undergrads find that frequenting frat row can get a little old. You can only shotgun so many Keystones or Natty Lights. When college students put Greek Life on hold and opt for a classier night out a club, they have the opportunity to pamper themselves for the evening. Whether it means dishing out for top shelf liquor or throwing down for a table, going out to a club could be a college coed’s Cinderella moment away from the normal on-campus nightlife. They’re usually willing to pay the price to make sure the night is much more epic than last week’s toga party.
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