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Restaurant Rancho Gaspar, Hialeah

Name: Rancho Gaspar
Address: 16480 NW 117th Avenue
City, State: Hialeah, FL
Zip: 33018
Telephone: 305-448-0999
Type (genre): Bar, Exclusive Club, Live Music, Outdoors / Patio, Restaurant / Bar
Music: Latin
Inside Info:
Status: Open
Door Policy:
Rancho Gaspar Hialeah, Venue Description

Rancho Gaspar -

The huge open-air emporium is great for seeing live musical acts (some notable appearances have been made by Oro Solido, Victor Manuelle and Isaac Delgado) and having authentic Cuban food (Congri, anyone?). Also, it has been said that this is the only place you will find in Miami that plays Timba, with a little bit of Reggaeton on the side. Club gear and spandex welcome, but make sure you are comfortable and willing to get a little dirty if you have sandals (uh, it's outdoors...remember?)

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