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Restaurant Wajiro's Restaurant, Hialeah

Name: Wajiro's Restaurant
Address: 18474 Nw 67Th Avenue
City, State: Hialeah, FL
Zip: 33015
Telephone: 302- 82-6 4988
Website: http://www.wajirosrestaurant.com/
Type (genre):
Inside Info:
Status: Open
Door Policy:
Wajiro's Restaurant Hialeah, Venue Description

Wajiro's Restaurant - FROM SITE "Cuba is the largest island of the Greater Antilles. On this fertile and rich land lives the peasant who is hard-working, kind, and good natured. Cubans affectionately call him "guajiro". The "guajiro" goes about his tasks with a wide-brimmed hat made of "yayery', white guayabera (traditional shirt), a tobacco in his mouth, machete, and the gaitero. It is in this same traditional spirit of simplicity and kindness of the guajiro we offer your our best Cuban-style cuisine."

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