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Restaurant Zuperpollo Restaurant, Miami

Name: Zuperpollo Restaurant
Address: 1247 Coral Way
City, State: Miami, FL
Zip: 33145
Telephone: 305- 47-76556
Website: http://www.zuperpollo.com/
Type (genre):
Inside Info:
Status: Open
Door Policy:
Zuperpollo Restaurant Miami, Venue Description

Zuperpollo Restaurant - FROM SITE: "In the heart of Miami, just outside of Coral Gables, Zuperpollo International Restaurant is a welcome addition to our local culture. An attentive, friendly unpretentious place it boasts of a spectacular variety of gourmet dishes. It’s not a wonder the press, both local and international have graced “Zuperpollo” with reviews depicting excellence in service, flavor, originality and ambiance. A quaint, warm one of a kind International Restaurant everyone here is greeted like an old friend even on their first visit. Born as the dream of proprietor, Jorge Sanchez affectionately know as “Papa Gallo”, Zuperpollo plays an integral role in our Latin flavored culture. One of the main factors responsible for our success is the originality of the menu."

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