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Restaurant Barton G, Miami Beach

Name: Barton G
Address: 1427 West Ave
City, State: Miami Beach, FL
Zip: 33139
Telephone: 305- 67-28881
Website: http://www.bartong.com/
Type (genre):
Inside Info:
Status: Open
Door Policy:
Barton G Miami Beach, Venue Description

Barton G - Located in a quiet residential neighborhood, this extravagant New American restaurant features creative takes on classic dishes. An elegant indoor dining room and a patio full of tropical orchids form the backdrop for some serious showmanship; the lobster pop tarts are served in a toaster, the popcorn shrimp arrive in an actual popcorn box, and desserts come with a whole pantry of do-it-yourself toppings. For those who want a big finish, the $89 “Chocolate Fun-Do”, a bubbling fountain containing 4 lbs of Belgian chocolate and a plethora of dippable items, should do nicely.

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