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Restaurant Mamajuana Cafe, Coral Gables

Name: Mamajuana Cafe
Address: 225 Altara Avenue
City, State: Coral Gables, FL
Zip: 33146
Telephone: 212-304-0140
Website: www.mamajuana-cafe.com
Type (genre): Cigar Bar, Live Music, Restaurant / Bar, Romantic, Upscale, Wine Bar
Music: Latin
Inside Info:
Status: Open
Door Policy:
Mamajuana Cafe Coral Gables, Venue Description

Just because you aren't in New York City, it doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the culinary magic and first-class service of Mamajuana Cafe.  Miami residents will now have the chance to experience what New Yorkers haven been buzzing about for years.  This venue, named after the highly secretive Dominican love potion, will premiere mouthwatering hours de oeuvres, delicious cocktails, and freshly hand rolled cigars.

Located across the streets from The Village of Merrick Park, Mamajuana Cafe provides a full-on entertainment and dining experience like no other, satisfying patrons and their passions for art, culture, and cuisine.  Expect old world Spanish architecture, Columbian-inspired imagery, and an award-winning wine list that transports visitors to an exotic paradise, much like the Dominican Republic.  Acclaimed Chef Ricardo Cardona, the godfather of nuevo Latino cuisine, will oversee the kitchen, just as he originally did in New York City.  It's no wonder that Latin superstars, such as Tito Puente Jr., Alejandra Espinoza, and Charytin Goyco have made it their business to savor what Mamajuana Cafe has to offer.

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