I started Clubplanet in 1995 with Dave McComb to meet girls and get into clubs for free. Ten years later, Dave and I are still in the same business, but now
Date of Birth: Oct 26, 1972
City: New York
Joined: 12.30.2006
Relationship Status: Hooked-up
Looking For: Friends

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I accept that i have entered the most i since the age of 18 to the free clubs and must paid ones in the events area of important cities but one time one canceled and lost popularyty i wish togain back at this time my clubprojects
thanks for a day and night again ([email protected])
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Hello dear,one

I am writing to you seeking your assistance to retrieve my fund from security company for investment. Frankly, I need your advice on a matter of great concern.

I have a fund which was kept in security company but I am not the original depositor I inherited it from my late parents which by law I am now the rightful owner as next of kin and I believe that I have come to an age to process for the transfer of the fund from the security company and arrange for investment as you and I may desire. I believe your person has a reputation such as this and I request your intervention to assist me in the timely resolution of this project.

I feel obliged to contact you for your assistance and hope for your guidance as to the content thereof. I would be most grateful for your thoughts and advice on this most sensitive matter.

I look forward to hearing from you to discuss
this. I thank you for your assistance with this matter.

plesase contact my email address([email protected])

Yours sincerely,
Miss Celine Coulibaly
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Hi Andrew?
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Good Job

Love what you guys have created !

Cheers ;)
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