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Notable Halloween Parties in Miami
There's absolutely no doubt in our minds that Halloween weekend is one of the best times to party in Miami. Everyone dresses up (or down) and clubs, bars and lounges all over the city bring in big name acts to play music for a crowd that's ready to dance the night away until the sun comes up. Halloween is often an opportunity for women to wear as...
LIV Brings in Jesse Marco This Week
It's pretty damn difficult to stop the comparisons between Jesse Marco and Mark Ronson. Other than age, and experience, they're pretty similar artists. However, Marco still has a long way to go to reach the pinnacle of success that Ronson's currently at. He's definitely taking all of the right steps. Only 22, Marco already plays some of the...
Miami! Black Friday is upon us!
After spending some family bonding time over Thanksgiving dinner, be prepared for Friday, where the craziness begins. Not only is it Black Friday for all the shopaholics, but it’s also going to be one crazy night to be out on the town. After you’ve stuffed your face full of turkey, mashed potatoes and other delicious Thanksgiving essentials, here...
Recap: Masquerade Motel 2011
When the Swedish House Mafia decided that they would come back into town, bringing their infamous Masquerade Motel party back to Miami, fans were damn happy. But as the date approached, the "undisclosed" location that they were holding out on began to annoy everyone. Then came the day that everyone was waiting for, the...
10 DJs To Watch Before You Croak!
Let's face it, if you're not a fan of electronic music, then the following ten names aren't going to mean much to you. The electronic music genre has enough artists to easily fill a directory the size of the Yellow Pages, but if you're not too familiar with them, we've decided to put together a list of the top 10 DJs that you must catch before...
Steve Angello Comes to LIV Friday
Soaring vocals, heavy bass, and screaming legions of fans. That pretty much sums up what a Steve Angello set is like. The first time we caught him in Miami at Mansion, we knew his style of play was ahead of the curve, but exactly what commercial dance fans in the U.S. needed to reel them into the other sounds that the massive genre has to offer....
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