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Avicii prepares for big show at LIV
While in music genres like pop, young artists tend to grow into their sound, when it comes to electronic music it's an entirely different story. On any given day, a track could be released by a young DJ-producer that's as massive sounding as anything put out by guys that have been producing for years. All you need is the right exposure and...
Wall bring in Behrouz
After Drake's performance last weekend for their mega-New Year's Eve celebration, WALL has quickly become one of the hottest nightlife venues in South Beach. Once they opened their doors just prior to Winter Music Conference last year, a lot still wasn't known about the W Hotel's new nightlife venue, but since booking big names like Louie Vega...
The Pickle wants you to "Get Some"
The best thing about a weekly party is just that, it's weekly. While you bust your ass on TPS reports from Monday to Friday, it's always good to know that every Saturday night there's a great party waiting for you at your local haunt. But while all weekly parties really don't survive the treacherous nightlife scene in Miami, there are some that...
Dutch DJ-producer Plays Cameo
There's nothing better than tech-house. Well, other than sex of course. However, out of all the electronic dance music sub-genres, none gets the reaction that tech-house does in a club. Combining the groove of house and the sheer bumpiness of techno is the perfect combination to get any sexy group of women hopping on couches in the VIP section,...
Picking a damn good Super Bowl Bar
With the Super Bowl just around the corner, you’re probably wondering where you want to go to watch the big game. With dozens of sports bars in New York, the choice is never easy. Are you looking for a place with TVs galore, or the one with the best wings in town? With that in mind, here are some things to look for when searching for the...
LIV brings in DJ Irie
Miami's known for it's robust electronic dance music scene, but when it comes to hip-hop, they've definitely produced some stellar names that have made it big on the scene. As far as DJs go, Miami has one of the biggest and most talented hip-hop DJs of them all, the one and only DJ Irie. You may know him as the resident DJ at popular clubs all...
How to Keep Your Things Safe at The Club
You don’t have to be reckless to lose something during a night out on the town. It’s simple, you’re having a drink, and you’re dancing along to the music and the next thing you know you’re waking up in a panic because you’ve lost something. Here are a few guidelines to keep from losing your possessions. Common things to lose at a nightclub...
How about a $10,000 Martini for VDay?
Gents, are you ready to pop the question this Valentine’s Day? Then you’re in luck because one Sin City bar is ready to help you out. Just be prepared to whip out some cold, hard cash! Just in time for the day of love, Las Vegas’ Minus 5 Ice Bar has created a $10,000 martini proposal package. With a 48-hour’s notice, Minus 5 Ice Barwill embed...
Nightlife Advice: How to Avoid a Creep
What’s worse than going out to your favorite nightlife venue and running into a creeper? Nothing. Women and men both need to learn a few tactics in order to avoid creepers, or if it’s too late for that, how to get rid of them. Can’t decipher whether or not they’re a creeper? We’ll help. If a total stranger comes up to you and starts dancing...
The Cities that Should Host Your Bachelor Party
Planning the ultimate bachelor party? Then you’re probably wondering where you’d want to celebrate your last day as a single man. The U.S. is an endless oasis of destinations for this special event you’ll never forget. But if you’re looking to narrow down your search of cities, here are our picks for the best cities to celebrate your last night...
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