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End the Night the Right Way
Starting the night out is generally a hit with its fun and games. Nevertheless, it’s ending the night out that can get a little tricky. You lose something, you lose someone, you lose your buzz, whichever it is it’s a loss and no one wants to end their night losing. If you refer back to our “How to keep your things safe...
Paul van Dyk Comes to Mansion for WMC
The name Paul van Dyk always rings a bell, whether you like trance, progressive, house, techno, dubstep, etc. Even if you're not a big fan of electronic dance music, Paul van Dyk might still ring a bell. That's because if you grow into a talent that's beyond borders, a name starts to take on a meaning of its own. Every time that Paul van Dyk...
Rokbar's WMC Kickoff Bash
Rokbar's known to be one of the most popular smaller venues in South Beach. They may not bring in A-list DJs on a consistent basis, but when it comes to a good party on any given night of the week, they'll definitely deliver the goods. Winter Music Conference is just around the corner, and what would this venue be if they didn't host a...
Options for Pre-Partying
The friends that pre-party together, stay together. Ever since I can recall people have been getting together before a night out at a friends house to pre-party, better known as pre-game. The standard schedule leading up to a night out is to get ready, meet up with your usual group of friends and head somewhere else to begin the night out....
Top Songs to Party To
At a bar, party, or even in your car there are certain songs that just make you want to get up and dance. When you’re out with your friends, it’s all about the atmosphere. One very important element that makes that moment perfect is some feel-good beats. Music will always get you in a great mood for celebrating. On that note, here are the top...
The Best and Worst Karaoke Songs!
A night of drinking with friends is always a good time – but there’s one element you can add to make it even more enjoyable…karaoke! People who have been drinking for a while tend to love karaoke – singing and dancing along with the music is just fun and exciting! No one seems to care if they make a fool of themselves; they’re probably never going...
Vintage Cocktails That Don't Go Out of Style
Back in the early days of crafted cocktails, there were various ingredients available for use to create delectable drinks that continue to impress patrons decades later. While we may have plenty of infusions, flavors, and unique liqueurs to choose from, some cool numbers from the past just don't go out of style! Some vintage cocktails are still...
Celebrating 21 the Right Way
There’s no doubt about it, turning 21 is a big deal for a true night owl and it should be celebrated with a major bang. At 21, you're officially an adult and legal to drink alcohol. We have come up with some great ways to celebrate your 21st birthday in style. Remember, the important thing is that you have fun and celebrate safely, among...
3 Things You Can Do to Save Money but Still Enjoy a Night Out!
Let’s face it, the economy just isn’t what it used to be and although we’re told “it’s getting better” things are still expensive! But you don’t want the lack of funds in your bank account to stop you from having a fun night out with friends, do you? You're already getting ready to go out for the night -- you may as well get ready while...
Pangaea Presents their MDW Event
The great thing about nightlife in South Florida is the variety. While other city's have only one area where it all goes down, South Florida packs a punch with downtown Miami, Coral Gables, the infamous South Beach scene, and of course, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino (which is a small city of fun in itself). When SoBe and downtown get a bit old,...
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