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Miami's Best Bars for Beer
Everyone loves a specially brewed lager, which happens to be the specialty of all of the bars on this list. Placed in no explicit order,all of these bars offer a plethora of brews in addition to their own house beers, which are usually better than the other stuff anyway. Each location has its own scenery and none of them are alike in the...
Quick Tips: The Perfect Super Bowl Beer
The big game is just around the corner, and while we're all praying for our hometown teams to go through the playoffs successfully, a majority of us are already beginning to plan our parties. There's nothing like a good Super Bowl party, but you have to make sure that all the right things are in play. Wings, chips, dip and grilled meat is all a...
Picking a damn good Super Bowl Bar
With the Super Bowl just around the corner, you’re probably wondering where you want to go to watch the big game. With dozens of sports bars in New York, the choice is never easy. Are you looking for a place with TVs galore, or the one with the best wings in town? With that in mind, here are some things to look for when searching for the...
The Best Beer Commercials
We see beer ads nearly everyday. Whether it’s during a big game or after your favorite show, we see some of the craziest and spectacular ads from our favorite brands. To commemorate them, we have conjured up a list of our all-time favorite funny beer commercials.  Brand: Brahma Title: Refreshingly Voodoo Year: 2008 These Brazilian...
What To Look For in Happy Hour
It's nearly 5 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. Your neck is getting tense from sitting in front of your computer screen all day and your eyes are desperately trying not to close. You’re just a few minutes away from logging off and saying “Thank God it’s Friday!” So,now what? Well, round up a group of friends and hit the town for a solid happy...
Things Commonly Associated with St. Patrick's Day
When you think holiday, you think Christmas,Thanksgiving, Halloween, all of which you anticipate by at least one month. You decorate, start thinking about meals, planning visits,getting costumes. But there’s one holiday out there that never gets that level of anticipation. Instead, it creeps up on you, and most of the time you’re left with that...
St. Patrick's Ain't for the Irish
Worldwide, March 17th is known as St. Patrick’s Day. Those who are Irish love to celebrate their heritage with their friends and family. Beers, old Irish tales, and the infamous corned beef with cabbage are shared on this day. The Irish want nothing more than to celebrate on St. Patrick’s Day – so why not extend the invite? Let’s face it,...
Drinking Games for Your Party!
If your place frequently becomes the official party house it can become difficult to keep up with the entertainment for your guests. Sometimes it can be a good idea to turn to a game or two. But, let’s get real. Twister and Monopoly just aren’t going to cut it. After all, this is a party and your guests came to have a good time and a...
Cocktail Trends of Today
Cocktails have many flavors and the list constantly grows. There are literally thousands of recipes for mixed drinks, but some are pretty common to the drinking public. You can find these classic cocktails in almost any bar or lounge in the world. Here’s our list of cocktail trends that people and most bars follow these days. Energy Mix ...
What Song Describes Your Poison?
Sometimes you can tell a person’s personality by the drink they order – it can make getting to know them a little easier. But, did you ever stop to think that past and present music could tell your drink’s personality? All alcoholic beverages bring on different, unique qualities – certain alcohol can make you feel good while others can leave you...
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