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Skrillex Talks Britney Spears Track
Skrillex (not DJ Skrillex folks, just plain Skrillex) is one of the fastest rising stars in electronic dance music. After releasing a slew of hits that conquered the charts on Beatport, the Los Angeles based dubstepper is garnering attention from all over the globe for the high energy sets that include scary breakdowns. Other than the obvious,...
Best Club Songs
At any club, the DJs would play songs that we know and love. There are so many songs that we dance to at the clubs. Club music has become a way of socializing with people who like to spend the night dancing, drinking, an mingling. It's even important to choose the right songs to set the mood for the people present at the club. So if your looking...
The 10 Greatest Music Videos
Music is what we thrive on – the videos are just an added bonus. Over the years, music videos have improved greatly with the use of technology. But, even with all the improvements and the sparkle new artists seem to give off the “oldies” are still on top. See what we deem to be the 10 greatest music videos over the past three decades…some may...
Best 2011 Songs... So Far
Each year, as New Year’s Eve approaches radio stations and music television love to look back on the year’s top songs. But, it can be hard to remember the songs that were hits in the early months like January and February. So, we’re here to help! Here are the Top 11 songs of 2011…so far! Which one is your favorite? #11 Wiz Khalifa - Black and...
The Top Dancing Videos
Throughout music history some great artists have been formed into the biggest stars known around the world. The music they make is always on the top of the charts and they know how to grab their fans attention -- the main element being dance. Many music videos include a hit song but it can sometimes be boring to watch. Artists like, Michael...
The Sexiest Music Videos
What classifies as a sexy music video? Well, there's usually great dancing from half-naked, good looking people followed by the sexy, good-looking artist who's music video wouldn't even exist without them -- that's just in a nutshell. If you think about it, you could probably come up with your own long list of music videos you think are sexy,...
The Best Videos of The '90s
The saying "oldies but goodies" can sometimes never be more true. When you're in your car, listening to the radio and a great song comes on from your teenage days you tend to belt out every word without a care in the world. Hearing songs from the past is a great reminder of who your favorite artist or band was at the time. The '90s had...
Top 10 Club Songs
This year has been host to some of the most infectious and addicting songs that have made their way into the club scene. After having them blasted by the DJ weekend after weekend, there is no way you’ll be able to get them out of your head. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. As the club winds down while the sun comes up, anyone of these songs...
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