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Tenaglia and Friends Close out WMC
Some say his circadian rhythm is directly correlated with the hours of operation of Club Space in Ibiza and that his heart beat sounds strikingly similar to a Roland 909. All we know is, he’s called Danny T., and he's one talented man. Danny Tenaglia is the godfather of house music and one of the founding fathers and...
SoBe's Best Friday Night Drink Deal
It's no secret that Miami is a hotbed for European visitors.You'll easily notice that a majority of restaurants, clubs and shops in South Beach have a Euro-flare to them, and rightly so seeing as they frequent the city so much. There's recently been one nightlife venue in South Beach that's been getting a lot of attention, but this isn't your...
Sasha To Play Movement at SET
There are certain names that jump out at you when it comes to dance music. Steve Lawler, Carl Cox, Oscar G., and Frankie Knuckles are all names that have reached the legendary status in the music genre. But when you mention Sasha, there's a whole other level of respect. While he's primarily known for his work with DJ-producer John Digweed,...
Shape Up for WMC
A universal misconception when aiming for a superior body is that you can either eat healthy or work out. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In order to achieve your goal figure you must do both. A healthy diet and physical activity not only progress your physical image, but also your mental health. When you imagine a...
The Cities that Should Host Your Bachelor Party
Planning the ultimate bachelor party? Then you’re probably wondering where you’d want to celebrate your last day as a single man. The U.S. is an endless oasis of destinations for this special event you’ll never forget. But if you’re looking to narrow down your search of cities, here are our picks for the best cities to celebrate your last night...
Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano at Mansion!
Everyone in Miami knows that when it comes to Mansion nightclub on a Saturday night, they bring the house...and they bring it in a way that no one else does. While there may be some other clubs in South Beach that book stellar talent, there's nothing like the raw energy that you get once you walk past the velvet rope and through the massive...
Basic NYC at The Beach Plaza
With so much going on during Winter Music Conference, some parties tend to go unnoticed. But for New York City promoters that bring their events down South, they also tend to bring a crowd with them as well. One of the most underrated parties that takes place each and every March in Miami for Winter Music Conference is the Basic NYC series at...
End the Night the Right Way
Starting the night out is generally a hit with its fun and games. Nevertheless, it’s ending the night out that can get a little tricky. You lose something, you lose someone, you lose your buzz, whichever it is it’s a loss and no one wants to end their night losing. If you refer back to our “How to keep your things safe...
Paul van Dyk Comes to Mansion for WMC
The name Paul van Dyk always rings a bell, whether you like trance, progressive, house, techno, dubstep, etc. Even if you're not a big fan of electronic dance music, Paul van Dyk might still ring a bell. That's because if you grow into a talent that's beyond borders, a name starts to take on a meaning of its own. Every time that Paul van Dyk...
Opium Group's Miami Music Week
As we've stated numerous times before, what dance music fans were anxiously waiting for more than anything else, was the Opium's Group event lineup for March's Ultra week in Miami. Once they decided that a majority of their efforts would be geared toward Ultra Music Festival and not Winter Music Conference earlier in the month, it was safe to...
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