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Notable Halloween Parties in Miami
There's absolutely no doubt in our minds that Halloween weekend is one of the best times to party in Miami. Everyone dresses up (or down) and clubs, bars and lounges all over the city bring in big name acts to play music for a crowd that's ready to dance the night away until the sun comes up. Halloween is often an opportunity for women to wear as...
SAFE Brings in Clive Henry Next Week
There isn't a doubt in our minds, or the majority of Miami's avid nightlife fans, that SAFE puts on some of the best electronic music parties in the city. Producing a quality electronic music event isn't about having an array of lights, any ordinary stack of speakers or even having a special at the bar. It all starts, and ends, with the music. The...
Opium readies to release March dates
Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, it's pretty damn clear that the Opium Group has become a superpower in Miami nightlife. While their venues primarily rule South Beach, don't put it past them to take over or possibly open up a downtown venue in the near future. But while that should certainly be on the back-burner at...
Avicii prepares for big show at LIV
While in music genres like pop, young artists tend to grow into their sound, when it comes to electronic music it's an entirely different story. On any given day, a track could be released by a young DJ-producer that's as massive sounding as anything put out by guys that have been producing for years. All you need is the right exposure and...
Made in Miami Brings in Junior Sanchez
Believe it or not (just believe it), Miami's turned into a leading worldwide city in electronic dance music. Don't blame it on the clubs, don't blame it on the talent pool that comes out of the Magic City, blame it on the locals. The fun-loving individuals that go out each and every week to enjoy the robust nightlife scene that downtown and...
Opium Group's Miami Music Week
As we've stated numerous times before, what dance music fans were anxiously waiting for more than anything else, was the Opium's Group event lineup for March's Ultra week in Miami. Once they decided that a majority of their efforts would be geared toward Ultra Music Festival and not Winter Music Conference earlier in the month, it was safe to...
Jermaine Dupri Comes to Louis
The biggest and brightest stars in electronic dance music descend upon Miami at the end of the month for Ultra week, and the Opium Group's Miami Music Week is attracting the bulk of them. But while you may think that it's only about house, techno, trance, and all of the many other sub-genres of EDM, don't forget about hip-hop. Popular hip-hop...
Miami Nightlife Could Kick Up This Summer
What's been touted as one of the most eventful months in nightlife history for Miami has finally come to an end. March in Miami gave us a slew of events thanks in part to Winter Music Conference, Ultra Music Festival, and the Swedish House Mafia's Masquerade Motel. Our European visitors are nearly all gone now leaving many depressed that the fun...
CoolJunkie Interviews Jaytech
CoolJunkie recently caught up with DJ-producer Jaytech and chatted about his classically trained style, his thought process for his latest album and what his favorite markets are to play in the U.S. CoolJunkie: You are a classically trained pianist. Do your experiences with keys translate into your work today? Jaytech: Yeah, I would say...
Bottle Dis-Service
The bottle service club. Not for the feign of heart. A special kind of price gouging inflicted upon clubgoers in an increasing number of cities, with well-known hot spots like Las Vegas and Los Angeles taking top honors. These night spots are full of potential hidden dangers lurking behind every shiny table. If you aren't looking to spend all of...
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