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Event Preview: Oscar G. at Mansion CD Release Party
OscarG. is big in Miami, but that's where he's from. Come to New York Cityand there's a whole other level of fame waiting for him here. One ofthe biggest names in house music to come out of the states, Oscar G.has been making hits since his early '90s with Murk, a duo he andDJ/producer Ralph Falcon headed up. He's still doing the same now,...
New Gadget Update: The MacBook Cutting Board
Nowadays, you're either a fan of Apple products, or you're just some lame-o who's always trying to prove his point when it comes to their Dell or new Sony laptop. Lets face it people, Apple puts out some of the best looking and best operating personal computing devices on the market (not to mention that you're 'cool' status remarkably sky rockets...
Event Preview: Eddie Thoneick at SET
When it comes to SET nightclub, there's a certain type of sound that you have to have as a DJ-producer in order to get booked there. First of all, you have to have lively sets, nothing too boring and run of the mill. Second, there's the bump factor. If your music doesn't have the kind of bump that'll keep a crowd on their feet for at least three...
The Max Vangeli Interview
With electronic dance music on the rise in the U.S. it’s no surprisethat we’ve seen a few new names pop up this summer—some which willlikely fade and others, like Max Vangeli, who seem to be attracting apermanent following. The 25-year-old prodigy was first noticed by PeteTong back in 2008 and has since gained widespread support from some ofthe...
New Gadget Update: dB Logic Headphones
You can never have enough headphones at your desk. If you ask us, everyone should have a pair of headphones for every possible situation. Whether you're working out, at your desk, on your way to the office, or at the library, there are different types of headphones out there that will adjust to situations around you, and we're here to present you...
Event Preview: Danny Tenaglia at The Space Re-Opening Party
It was one of the biggest events of the year, but at the same time became somewhat of a fear to the avid nightlife goers in Miami. When Club Club Space announced that it was going to have a 'Closing Party,' many worried about the 'closing' aspect of the event. Would it ever re-open again? Was this their chance to close up their doors and call it...
New Gadget Update: iHome iP3
It's pretty fair to say that these days people can't live without food, water and their iPods. Music travels with us everywhere we go, be it your cellphone, laptop or that Sony Discman you refuse to get rid of. But for the most part, nearly everyone owns what's considered as one of the most user-friendly devices on the face of the planet...an...
Event Preview: TV Rock at Cameo
Vocal house and Miami go together like soy sauce and sticky white rice. Yes, South Florida is a hotbed for electronic music, but there's something about vocal house that really sets off the locals here. Which is why this week for the event preview we've got all our eyes focused on TV Rock at Cameo. The vocal house duo hailing from Australia have...
Event Preview: Back Door Bamby Presents Lazaro Casanova
From his early days as an indie-rock DJ at the once infamous but now defunct Revolver weekly parties, Lazaro Casanova has come a long way, and the kid's only 24. Next came a successful stint as a hard-nose electro DJ-producer touring around the nation with MSTRKRFT and selling out shows in Mexico, but soon enough he really found his niche. The...
Notable Halloween Parties in Miami
There's absolutely no doubt in our minds that Halloween weekend is one of the best times to party in Miami. Everyone dresses up (or down) and clubs, bars and lounges all over the city bring in big name acts to play music for a crowd that's ready to dance the night away until the sun comes up. Halloween is often an opportunity for women to wear as...
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