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Sheik 'n' Beik at Nikki Beach Club
German DJ-producer Martin Buttrich has been on the scene for quite some time now, but after his Crash Test album dropped, his profile skyrocketed. The rhythmic groove-filled tracks blended perfectly into one another, each packing their own dynamic punch. It's techno at its best, and he's been in high demand as of late, touring all over the...
Lawler Comes to Arkadia
Nightclubs may have the money to book any DJ they want, but that doesn't guarantee that the party will be great. A DJ has to fit in well with the club, the room and what it is their speakers are packing. Sometimes you'll pay top dollar to see your favorite DJ at a club in South Beach, just to be disappointed that the experience didn't fit your...
Circo Loco Takes Over Ice Palace!
Winter Music Conference ended about two weeks ago, but the parties that everyone's been looking forward to haven't even begun yet. This week Ultra Music week kicks off with events that are set to pack the brightest venues in Miami nightlife. Whether it's a pool, beach or club party, the biggest names in the electronic dance music world descend...
Recap: Masquerade Motel 2011
When the Swedish House Mafia decided that they would come back into town, bringing their infamous Masquerade Motel party back to Miami, fans were damn happy. But as the date approached, the "undisclosed" location that they were holding out on began to annoy everyone. Then came the day that everyone was waiting for, the...
Interview with Robbie Rivera
While many may have been dissapointed that Winter Music Conference made a split from Ultra Music Festival this year, the majority of dance music fans only cared about what parties were taking place when,particularly the most popular event, Juicy Beach. Once they announced that they'd be sticking to their normal routine at the end of March, tickets...
Young Dance Music Duo Takes Over Terrace
Believe it or not, a comparison can be made between electronic dance music and sports; the stars in both the music genre and in sports start at a very young age. There's no better example of young rising stars in a music genre than electronic music. Yes, there are the Biebers of the world, but we're talking about a music genre that forces...
Mount Kimbie Plays The Electric Pickle
When it comes to experimental electronic music, no one does it better than the UK. Artists like The Chemical Brothers, Simian Mobile Disco, and Underworld have taken the world by storm with their sounds, and now it's up to a young British duo to keep their musical momentum going and some day reach the heights of their predecessors. Although many...
CoolJunkie Interviews MANIK
Cooljunkie recently caught up with New York City's up and coming DJ-producer MANIK, who's been cranking out hits on OVUM and will soon release his highly anticipated artist album. Here's what he had to say about his forthcoming artist album, his stint in Miami during Ultra week, and what the state of EDM is in the states today. You're set to...
Steve Angello's Size Matters Tour
Steve Angello and his Swedish House Mafia comrades have redefined the the way we all see electronic musicians. Having reached a pinnacle of success that only few in the music genre have, their music and fame is still growing in the U.S. After one of the most successful events in South Beach history (One Night Stand at The Masquerade Motel),...
CoolJunkie Interviews Jaytech
CoolJunkie recently caught up with DJ-producer Jaytech and chatted about his classically trained style, his thought process for his latest album and what his favorite markets are to play in the U.S. CoolJunkie: You are a classically trained pianist. Do your experiences with keys translate into your work today? Jaytech: Yeah, I would say...
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