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Nightlife Romance: Read the Signs
The intricacies of human body language have been one of the most widely studied concepts during the last 100 years. Like it or not, people say more with a glance and a smile than they could ever get across with even the most absurd Tucker Max* pickup lines. A simple nod with as mile and a three second visual connection with the girl across the...
Things Commonly Associated with St. Patrick's Day
When you think holiday, you think Christmas,Thanksgiving, Halloween, all of which you anticipate by at least one month. You decorate, start thinking about meals, planning visits,getting costumes. But there’s one holiday out there that never gets that level of anticipation. Instead, it creeps up on you, and most of the time you’re left with that...
St. Patrick's Ain't for the Irish
Worldwide, March 17th is known as St. Patrick’s Day. Those who are Irish love to celebrate their heritage with their friends and family. Beers, old Irish tales, and the infamous corned beef with cabbage are shared on this day. The Irish want nothing more than to celebrate on St. Patrick’s Day – so why not extend the invite? Let’s face it,...
Drinking Games for Your Party!
If your place frequently becomes the official party house it can become difficult to keep up with the entertainment for your guests. Sometimes it can be a good idea to turn to a game or two. But, let’s get real. Twister and Monopoly just aren’t going to cut it. After all, this is a party and your guests came to have a good time and a...
The Best and Worst Karaoke Songs!
A night of drinking with friends is always a good time – but there’s one element you can add to make it even more enjoyable…karaoke! People who have been drinking for a while tend to love karaoke – singing and dancing along with the music is just fun and exciting! No one seems to care if they make a fool of themselves; they’re probably never going...
Obscure Hangover Cures
Throughout the history of civilization there has been a universally known and incredibly varied mythical elixir that will give anyone willing to ingest the concoction super powers and incredible social prowess! This very substance is credited with being one of the top reasons that people began to congregate in one central area, having the power...
3 Things You Can Do to Save Money but Still Enjoy a Night Out!
Let’s face it, the economy just isn’t what it used to be and although we’re told “it’s getting better” things are still expensive! But you don’t want the lack of funds in your bank account to stop you from having a fun night out with friends, do you? You're already getting ready to go out for the night -- you may as well get ready while...
Top Non-Alcoholic Cocktails
Whether it’s a diet or a part of your lifestyle, it’s tough to find a good non-alcoholic drink. Sure, there are beers out there with no alcohol that still have a great taste, but we’re talking about true non-alcoholic cocktails. To help you search for the perfect drink without any zing, consider these mixed concoctions that skip the...
The 3 "Knows" To A Successful Night Out
When you plan a night out with friends you all want to make sure you’re having a good time and the night goes on without a hitch. So, to ensure that you do enjoy your night we have three simple suggestions for you. Follow these nightlife "knows" and you'll have a great time without fail. Know Where You’re Going The worst way to spend...
The Ultimate Memorial Day Weekend Party Guide
Memorial Day weekend -- also known as the weekend the summer begins. Barbeques, beaches, outdoor parties...so much happens during this weekend sometimes it's hard to keep up. But, if you want to make sure your 2011 Memorial Day Weekend is nothing but successful then leave it all up to us. Here is your ultimate guide to having a...
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