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Downtown Style: MIA Ultra Lounge
Venues come in all shapes and sizes- some are lounges, some are bars and some are full-on nightclubs. But this 14,000-square-foot venue, MIA Ultra Lounge, happens to be a 3-in-1 deal where they blend each to create a nightlife venue that’s just right for almost everyone. MIA Ultra Lounge,located on the corner of Flagler and Biscayne, is a...
Halloween Cocktails for This Weekend
If there’s one holiday that gives anyone an excuse to dress up astheir favorite superhero or villain, gorge on candy, dance the night away, and watch scary movies with glee, is Halloween. It may be known as the scariest day of the year, but it can also be the most fun,especially if you’re throwing a haunting Halloween party that will surely...
Best Club Cocktails in Miami
Miami's known for nightlife, and when a city is known for nightlife it may as well be known for it's cocktails. Everyone knows about the infamous mojitos that are made all over South Beach, but that's not the only drink that Miami's known for. Places like Purdy Lounge, Villa by Barton G and Segafredo have also put their names on the map by...
South Beach's Alternative New Year's Eve Party
There's more than one way you can spend New Year's Eve. If you're in Miami, then the majority of folks would like to spend the evening in nightclubs, bars and lounges, but nightlife really isn't all about those venues. Sometimes it's nice to change things around and have an alternative way to spend this night. For starters there's always the...
The Favela Returns to Miami Nightlife
Favela is a Brazilian slang term commonly used to describe a slum or shanty town. However, in Miami this term is mostly associated with one of the most popular mid-week parties to date, Favela Chic. While it had it's long run at Mokaï, the party then migrated to Coco De Ville inside the Gansevoort South once it opened its doors, and now it looks...
Wall bring in Behrouz
After Drake's performance last weekend for their mega-New Year's Eve celebration, WALL has quickly become one of the hottest nightlife venues in South Beach. Once they opened their doors just prior to Winter Music Conference last year, a lot still wasn't known about the W Hotel's new nightlife venue, but since booking big names like Louie Vega...
XS in Las Vegas Pops the Biggest Bottle of All
Now this is what we call heavy drinking! Famous Las Vegas luxury nightclub XS recently unveiled the world’s largest champagne bottle. The “Midas,”named after the king of Greek mythology who turned everything he touched into gold, is a massive 30-liter vessel and weights exactly 100pounds. The champagne, by elite wine brand Armand de Brignac,...
Best Bars for the Super Bowl
Screw baseball--the true American pastime demands roaring TVs, BBQ-stained napkins, beer by the pitcher, over-the-top Pepsi commercials and pigskin. Rabid football fans could watch the Super Bowl in a leaky basement if it had decent satellite access, but the rest of the public demands the bouyant atmosphere of adrenaline-sluiced...
2011 Drinks To Look Out For
Bud Light, Coors Light, vodka cranberry, rum and coke, white wine, and red wine are only some of the most commonly ordered drinks at a bar nightly. If at least one of these drinks is on your favorite’s list it may be time to try something new! This year there are new beers, wines, and liquors that are sure to make your taste buds ecstatic....
Nightlife Advice: How to Avoid a Creep
What’s worse than going out to your favorite nightlife venue and running into a creeper? Nothing. Women and men both need to learn a few tactics in order to avoid creepers, or if it’s too late for that, how to get rid of them. Can’t decipher whether or not they’re a creeper? We’ll help. If a total stranger comes up to you and starts dancing...
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