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CoolJunkie Catches Up with Skrillex
Meet Skrillex – not DJ Skrillex, just Skrillex. You’ve probably heard a bit about the 22-year-old DJ/producer, Sonny Moore, whether due to his eminent Beatport success (the guy pretty much dominates the top 10), his affiliation with the ever popular “Mau5trap” label, his incredibly catchy electro/dub/hardcore remixes, or just his badass hairdo....
Skrillex Talks Britney Spears Track
Skrillex (not DJ Skrillex folks, just plain Skrillex) is one of the fastest rising stars in electronic dance music. After releasing a slew of hits that conquered the charts on Beatport, the Los Angeles based dubstepper is garnering attention from all over the globe for the high energy sets that include scary breakdowns. Other than the obvious,...
Beatport Beach Brings in Skrillex
Having success on Beatport isn't easy, but once you do reach that sought after platform, your name and career will catch fire quick. We've seen it happen in the past, most prominently to DJ-producer Deadmau5, but in the past year no one's caught more fire in the dance music world than Skrillex. That's right, not DJ Skrillex, just Skrillex. The...
Borgore Comes to Fillmore
Dubstep came out of nowhere and quickly became the new electro. Hate to say we told you so, but electro went in and out of style as quick as the fanny pack. Then came dubstep to save the day for all those hipster kids who were used to getting jacked up in the clubs by Justice and MSTRKRFT tracks. Sure, MSTRKRFT is looking to make a comeback in...
Win Tickets to Haze for Porter Robinson
There's a certain style of dance music that takes the level of energy in any given room and amplifies it by google like amounts. That's the kind of energy that Porter Robinson serves up on a consistent basis. This weekend he's taking his talents to Las Vegas' own Haze Nightclub, for an event that's set to highlight the weekend in entertainment....
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