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Independance 2011 Brings in Victor Calderone
Victor Calderone is known widely in many dance music circles as one of the top DJ-producers to hail from the U.S. His parties at Pacha NYC have been some of the most memorable to date, but once he steps out of NYC it seems as though his crowd only gets bigger. Miami's big house heads are quite fond of Calderone, especially when he plays Club...
DJ Camilo Plays Mansion
While it may be tough to get booked as a DJ in Miami if you're known for dance music, it's even tougher as a hip-hop DJ. While Miami's known primarily for it's house music, hip-hop's just as big, with some of the biggest clubs in downtown and South Beach hosting weekly hip-hop parties, or having a room dedicated to the genre. While the best DJs...
Robbie Plays Nikki This Sunday
When you've built your reputation in dance music in Miami, chances are you're already ahead of the game. It's no secret that Miami's big on dance music, but even bigger on their homegrown talent. From Oscar G. and Ralph Falcon, to Cedric Gervais and Markus Schulz, there's no shortage of talented DJ-producers that started their careers in Miami....
Stone Groove Tuesdays at The Vagabond
Mondays are dreaded by everyone... unless you're unemployed, of course. The weekend wraps up and Monday comes in to smack you right in the face with TPS reports, printer issues, and your boss getting up in your grill for reasons that you can't even fathom. That's why nightlife in Miami provides us with weekly parties on Mondays and Tuesdays. But...
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