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Mansion brings back Dirty South
While Dirty South may be blowing up all around the world now, we still remember when he was trying to reach superstar status in Miami, frequently playing SET nightclub and slowly packing Opium Group shows while trying to find the true voice in his productions. Back then he was more keen on the electro sound, but you could already begin to hear...
Mind Control returns to South Florida
DJ/producers Mind Control, Peter Bailey and Richie Santana are known as New York’s premier production duo. The team began collaborating together in 2006 at the infamous Pacha nightclub in New York. Remixes like Nelly Furtado’s “Say it Right” and Eurhythmics’ “Sweet Dreams” have taken them from Montreal to Ibiza and now Ft. Lauderdale. Bailey...
Germany's Wippenberg Plays Cameo
When clubbing in Miami, one of the best moments comes right when you step foot into the club. Not when the doors open, but right around midnight, when the venue's already at 80 to 90% at capacity. The lights are dimmed, bodies are moving on the dance floor, the smell of the fog machine is in the air, and most importantly, the DJ has taken center...
Nightlife Romance: Read the Signs
The intricacies of human body language have been one of the most widely studied concepts during the last 100 years. Like it or not, people say more with a glance and a smile than they could ever get across with even the most absurd Tucker Max* pickup lines. A simple nod with as mile and a three second visual connection with the girl across the...
Welcome to Miami is back for WMC!
While the focus in March has been centered on Ultra week's events in Miami, don't be fooled, Winter Music Conference is still hosting some pretty spectacular parties that will without a doubt bring in plenty of visitors. While clubs like to present their bread and butter events during this month in Miami, the outdoor venues are the ones that get...
Norman Doray Plays SET Solo
Known for throwing down sets that get girls crazy on the dance floor, Norman Doray and Arno Cost are two Frenchmen that definitely know how to serve up their house. But it's not everyday that you catch these two in the booth, and recently they've been venturing off in their own respective ways, throwing down some solo sets around the world at...
Flower Party Comes to LIV
The Pacha Group is bringing the 60s and the 70s to Miami. For the first time, Piti Urgell, the producer of this event is bringing Flower Power to the East Coast. Urgell will also be the DJ at the event reminding you of the rock, soul and pop beats of some of the best rock bands of our past. The Flower Power Party, which began out of...
Adultnapper Comes to the Techno Loft
If there's one DJ-producer out of the U.S. that has captivated the techno community like none other, it has to be Brooklyn's own Adultnapper. Known for his infectious dark minimalistic beats, he's become one of Miami's favorite visitors, playing venues all over South Beach as well as downtown Miami. While Miami loves the kind of beats that can...
Picking a damn good Super Bowl Bar
With the Super Bowl just around the corner, you’re probably wondering where you want to go to watch the big game. With dozens of sports bars in New York, the choice is never easy. Are you looking for a place with TVs galore, or the one with the best wings in town? With that in mind, here are some things to look for when searching for the...
Super Bowl Beertails
Nothing beats gulping down a cold one while cheering for your team during the Super Bowl, but popping bottles of beer every year can get as boring as stale guacamole. Die-hard drinkers wouldn’t dare add anything more to their precious elixir of hops, but when it comes to Super Bowl parties, you need to give guests a reason to do more than lay...
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