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Amnesia Nightclub Opens In Miami
Opening on October 21, 2011, Amnesia Miami will be hitting the nightclub scene in South Beach. According to venue reps, it has the potential to actually change the Miami clubbing experience. Although it's a phrase we've heard many times in the past, we're more than willing to give it a shot. Amnesia Miami is an 29,000 square foot...
Stone Groove Tuesdays at The Vagabond
Mondays are dreaded by everyone... unless you're unemployed, of course. The weekend wraps up and Monday comes in to smack you right in the face with TPS reports, printer issues, and your boss getting up in your grill for reasons that you can't even fathom. That's why nightlife in Miami provides us with weekly parties on Mondays and Tuesdays. But...
4 Reasons Why LIV's on Top
Partying in Miami is glamorous in itself, but when you want to get to that highest echelon of nightlife fabulousness, the only place to go is LIV. Many factors go into why a certain venue becomes as trendy and prestigous as it does, but it seems as though LIV pretty much has it all. It’s not that we are trying to promote the club (LIV definitely...
5-Qs w/ Lazaro Casanova
They call it "The Groove." A feeling of audial bliss that starts at your toes and creeps up your legs until it hits your soul. What happens next? You move, and move and move, until you work up a smile and a sweat. There's only one way to reach this groove, and that's through music. There are many connoisseurs of the groove, but it's...
Calvin Harris Readies for SET
Calvin Harris plays the kind of electronic music that's both radio-friendly and club friendly, something that's not the easiest thing to do. There is a difference between a track that's radio-friendly and club friendly, bringing into play elements of timing and vocals. But somehow, Calvin Harris manages to blur the lines,...
Winter Music Conference 2012: Best Parties
Unless you plan to attend this year’s Winter Music Conference with a body double, hitting every party is unfortunately, unrealistic. With so many parties (and so little time!) clubbers must plan their agendas wisely. Fortunately, we at Clubplanet have combed through the calendar and hand-picked a stand-out selection of fetes, separated by day and...
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