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Sinclar Returns to South Beach
Think back about five years. If there was one song that was seen as the house music anthem across the planet, it had to be Bob Sinclar's "World Hold On." Yes, the mere whistling may have been a bit annoying to you then, but pull up the song now in your iTunes and we'll guarantee that you'll be tapping your feet in no time. Songs like...
Morgan Page Comes to Gryphon
Who says that South Florida nightlife has to be limited to South Beach and downtown Miami? Sure, the best clubs in the region may be located in these two prime nightlife hotspots, but head north just 20 minutes and you'll find a slew of venues that bring in good talent as well. This Saturday night one South Florida nightlife venue that's known...
Gervais and Mya Take on LIV
Dance music producers have been teaming up with stellar vocalists for years on end, but it's only in the last few years that they've really come to the forefront. Thanks to names like David Guetta and Deadmau5, pop artists are actively looking to team up with DJ-producers for a chance at their next hit single. In return, DJs that want to spice...
DJ Craze Plays Fight Club Round 3!
Turntablists are a rare breed that really hone their skills more than the average DJ. First and foremost, they feel more comfortable with their own equipment than even the engineers that created it. But then a sense of swagger and style comes into play that really gives them the edge in the booth. In Miami there's one name that serves as a...
LIV Brings Back Luciano This Month
When LIV announced last year that they were bringing in Luciano as a musical guest outside of Winter Music Conference, house fans all over Miami were giddy with excitement. Known as one of the biggest music attractions in Miami in March, Luciano has legions of fans in South Florida, as well as around the world. The event slammed the club with...
The Dark Side of EDM Festivals
It was like being on a fantastic fairground ride, centrifugal forces throwing us wider and wider. But it's all right, because there's this brilliant machine at the center that's going to bring us back down to earth. That was Manchester. That is the Hacienda. Now imagine the machine breaks. For a while, it's even better, because you're really...
What To Look For in Happy Hour
It's nearly 5 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. Your neck is getting tense from sitting in front of your computer screen all day and your eyes are desperately trying not to close. You’re just a few minutes away from logging off and saying “Thank God it’s Friday!” So,now what? Well, round up a group of friends and hit the town for a solid happy...
Basic NYC at The Beach Plaza
With so much going on during Winter Music Conference, some parties tend to go unnoticed. But for New York City promoters that bring their events down South, they also tend to bring a crowd with them as well. One of the most underrated parties that takes place each and every March in Miami for Winter Music Conference is the Basic NYC series at...
Lawler Comes to Arkadia
Nightclubs may have the money to book any DJ they want, but that doesn't guarantee that the party will be great. A DJ has to fit in well with the club, the room and what it is their speakers are packing. Sometimes you'll pay top dollar to see your favorite DJ at a club in South Beach, just to be disappointed that the experience didn't fit your...
Visionquest Brings Troxler to Shelborne Pool
Seth Troxler is definitely a character in the electronic dance music scene. He has a signature playing style that takes his audience on a journey to a destination that revolves around the boogie. Much like last year's infamous "Boogie Bytes" mix, you never know what you're going to get out of his set, but his crafty mixes are still...
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