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Chris Lake Prepares to Headline Mansion
When Chris Lake first came to Miami to play BED's then new weekly Tuesday night party, we weren't entirely sure what to make of it. First of all, we were pretty positive that it wouldn't be a sold-out night, not because of Lake, but primarily due to the opening night of the new weekly. When have you ever heard of a Tuesday night weekly packing...
DJ Camilo Plays Mansion
While it may be tough to get booked as a DJ in Miami if you're known for dance music, it's even tougher as a hip-hop DJ. While Miami's known primarily for it's house music, hip-hop's just as big, with some of the biggest clubs in downtown and South Beach hosting weekly hip-hop parties, or having a room dedicated to the genre. While the best DJs...
Space Presents Killer Lineup This Weekend
If you're lucky, then you're reading this while you sit back at home watching Maury, only meaning that you managed to skip out on work and get the long-weekend started early. Once summer rolls around, the nation waits for 4th of July weekend, the one extended weekend that gets us an extra day off, and more parties to hit up in a 3-day...
Amnesia Nightclub Opens In Miami
Opening on October 21, 2011, Amnesia Miami will be hitting the nightclub scene in South Beach. According to venue reps, it has the potential to actually change the Miami clubbing experience. Although it's a phrase we've heard many times in the past, we're more than willing to give it a shot. Amnesia Miami is an 29,000 square foot...
Stone Groove Tuesdays at The Vagabond
Mondays are dreaded by everyone... unless you're unemployed, of course. The weekend wraps up and Monday comes in to smack you right in the face with TPS reports, printer issues, and your boss getting up in your grill for reasons that you can't even fathom. That's why nightlife in Miami provides us with weekly parties on Mondays and Tuesdays. But...
Call the Fashion Police! Top 5 Club Dress Code Violations
Have you ever stopped by your favorite nightclub on a Friday ready to dance the night away, only to be turned away by the bouncer for not looking the part? Your first reaction might be to question who the bouncer is to dictate what's hot and what's not. After all, his day job probably doesn't involve being a big time fashion editor at Vogue. But...
Nightlife Numbers: Why College Students Spend More
Forget textbooks and tuition, the only thing most college students are interested in dropping dollars on these days is a fun night out at the club. So what if there isn’t a football team to root on or a homecoming tailgate in the picture, it’s in their nature to go out and wreak havoc on the town and on their wallets. And with no...
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