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Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano at Mansion!
Everyone in Miami knows that when it comes to Mansion nightclub on a Saturday night, they bring the house...and they bring it in a way that no one else does. While there may be some other clubs in South Beach that book stellar talent, there's nothing like the raw energy that you get once you walk past the velvet rope and through the massive...
Rokbar's WMC Kickoff Bash
Rokbar's known to be one of the most popular smaller venues in South Beach. They may not bring in A-list DJs on a consistent basis, but when it comes to a good party on any given night of the week, they'll definitely deliver the goods. Winter Music Conference is just around the corner, and what would this venue be if they didn't host a...
Options for Pre-Partying
The friends that pre-party together, stay together. Ever since I can recall people have been getting together before a night out at a friends house to pre-party, better known as pre-game. The standard schedule leading up to a night out is to get ready, meet up with your usual group of friends and head somewhere else to begin the night out....
Murk Brings Made in Miami to Cameo
The true Miami house sound began to be cultivated in the early '90s by two DJ-producers who teamed up to take the world by storm. Murk was in high demand all over the world, for supplying early hits, like "Some Lovin," and "Every Now and Then," and the wave of popularity has carried on until today. Oscar G. and Ralph Falcon...
The Morning After - What The Ladies Chat About
At one point or another you and your friends get separated and are off doing your own thing. This leaves you with much to discuss the morning after your night out. Just as females speculate what males talk about, we’re sure you’re all contemplating the exact contrary. What do women talk about the morning after? The most apparent answer is...
Miami Nightlife Could Kick Up This Summer
What's been touted as one of the most eventful months in nightlife history for Miami has finally come to an end. March in Miami gave us a slew of events thanks in part to Winter Music Conference, Ultra Music Festival, and the Swedish House Mafia's Masquerade Motel. Our European visitors are nearly all gone now leaving many depressed that the fun...
Young Dance Music Duo Takes Over Terrace
Believe it or not, a comparison can be made between electronic dance music and sports; the stars in both the music genre and in sports start at a very young age. There's no better example of young rising stars in a music genre than electronic music. Yes, there are the Biebers of the world, but we're talking about a music genre that forces...
Cocktail Trends of Today
Cocktails have many flavors and the list constantly grows. There are literally thousands of recipes for mixed drinks, but some are pretty common to the drinking public. You can find these classic cocktails in almost any bar or lounge in the world. Here’s our list of cocktail trends that people and most bars follow these days. Energy Mix ...
Nightlife Looks: What Women Notice on Men
The minimal grooming process males must undergo in order to look the way they do on a night out has been envied by women since the beginning of time. Females believe male grooming consists of a 10-minute shower at the most, a quick  shave, a slick of gel, a spray of cologne, and a random picking of any button down paired with jeans....
Top Nightlife Spring Fashion Trends
Spring is here and bringing in some of our preferred past trends. We’re not sure about you but we’ve been waiting to shove the black, grey, and navy outfits into the back of our closets and bring our brights forward. Nightlife is dark as is, so by wearing spring’s top bright colors like orange, pink, green, and blue you’ll...
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