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Event Preview: TV Rock at Cameo
Vocal house and Miami go together like soy sauce and sticky white rice. Yes, South Florida is a hotbed for electronic music, but there's something about vocal house that really sets off the locals here. Which is why this week for the event preview we've got all our eyes focused on TV Rock at Cameo. The vocal house duo hailing from Australia have...
Mokai's Interestingly Themed NYE Party
With New Year's Eve around the corner, nearly every nightlife venue in South Beach has already released information regarding their parties. These last two weeks before New Year's Eve are when tickets really start to sell for events, and prices could potentially fluctuate depending on this demand. If there's one thing you can count on, it's the...
Mansion brings back Dirty South
While Dirty South may be blowing up all around the world now, we still remember when he was trying to reach superstar status in Miami, frequently playing SET nightclub and slowly packing Opium Group shows while trying to find the true voice in his productions. Back then he was more keen on the electro sound, but you could already begin to hear...
Sasha To Play Movement at SET
There are certain names that jump out at you when it comes to dance music. Steve Lawler, Carl Cox, Oscar G., and Frankie Knuckles are all names that have reached the legendary status in the music genre. But when you mention Sasha, there's a whole other level of respect. While he's primarily known for his work with DJ-producer John Digweed,...
Benassi's Kick Off Party
There's no better way to start off this coming Ultra Music week than with a massive party on a night when you're used to staying in and getting ready for work the next day. Parties kick off on Tuesday night, and one of the biggest clubs in Miami is hosting an event that's a slap in the face of your workweek. If you're looking to go...
DJ-Duo Returns to Mansion This Month
When Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano were announced to play Mansion's Saturday night weekly event, "Other Play House We Play Mansion," we were a bit hesitant at first. Although they did have somewhat of a following in the U.S., we're always used to the Washington Ave. venue to bring in names like David Guetta, Carl Cox, and Paul van...
The "Reality" of Nightlife
Other than the clothes we wear and venue we choose, we have very little control over how a night at a club will turn out. You might not get in, the crowd could be crazy, the music could suck, and on and on and on. It often feels as though our fate is left to the gods. But it turns out these gods are neither mystical nor superhuman, and even have...
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