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Interview with Nic Fanciulli
Ask any prominent DJ-producer in dance music and they'll tell you, there's little to no chance of really climbing the charts if you don't have any production work under your belt. Not just production work, but successful production work. Nic Fanciulli was one of the last few artists that made a name for himself in the dance genre solely through...
Rivera Plays LIV for Memorial Day Weekend
Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner in Miami, meaning that the streets of South Beach will once again be lined with hundreds of scantily clad bodies ready to soak in the sun and as many drinks as they can during this extended weekend. Nightlife always kicks up a notch during this holiday weekend, and some of Miami's biggest and best...
Voorn Returns to SET for Movement
What sets Joris Voorn apart from the rest of the DJ-producer pack? Well, he's Dutch, so there are some similarities there. His music falls into the tech-house genre, yet another similarity that heaps him into a pile of names. But when it comes to his live sets, his track selection is what truly sets him apart from the pack. While some guys throw...
Summer 2011 Nightlife Fashion
Summer vacations, BBQs, and pool parties are upon us. We’ve chosen not to address the issue of the constant 90-degree weather and focus more on the outfits we’ll be wearing to keep the heat off. Here’s your summer style guide for the next few summer months. There is a profusion of naivety inspired trends walking the streets and it’s just the...
Chris Lake Prepares to Headline Mansion
When Chris Lake first came to Miami to play BED's then new weekly Tuesday night party, we weren't entirely sure what to make of it. First of all, we were pretty positive that it wouldn't be a sold-out night, not because of Lake, but primarily due to the opening night of the new weekly. When have you ever heard of a Tuesday night weekly packing...
The "Reality" of Nightlife
Other than the clothes we wear and venue we choose, we have very little control over how a night at a club will turn out. You might not get in, the crowd could be crazy, the music could suck, and on and on and on. It often feels as though our fate is left to the gods. But it turns out these gods are neither mystical nor superhuman, and even have...
Fatboy Slim Comes to the Surfcomber for the 4th of July!
Most of us know Fatboy Slim for his breakout single, "Weapon Of Choice," the dance hit that had Christopher Walken prancing around a chic hotel like we've never seen him before. But, there are also endless hits that this DJ-producer has cultivated, from "Funk Soul Brother," to "Push The Tempo," his music's kept us...
4 Reasons Why LIV's on Top
Partying in Miami is glamorous in itself, but when you want to get to that highest echelon of nightlife fabulousness, the only place to go is LIV. Many factors go into why a certain venue becomes as trendy and prestigous as it does, but it seems as though LIV pretty much has it all. It’s not that we are trying to promote the club (LIV definitely...
Nightlife Numbers: Why College Students Spend More
Forget textbooks and tuition, the only thing most college students are interested in dropping dollars on these days is a fun night out at the club. So what if there isn’t a football team to root on or a homecoming tailgate in the picture, it’s in their nature to go out and wreak havoc on the town and on their wallets. And with no...
Calvin Harris Readies for SET
Calvin Harris plays the kind of electronic music that's both radio-friendly and club friendly, something that's not the easiest thing to do. There is a difference between a track that's radio-friendly and club friendly, bringing into play elements of timing and vocals. But somehow, Calvin Harris manages to blur the lines,...
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