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Event Preview: Oscar G. at Mansion CD Release Party
OscarG. is big in Miami, but that's where he's from. Come to New York Cityand there's a whole other level of fame waiting for him here. One ofthe biggest names in house music to come out of the states, Oscar G.has been making hits since his early '90s with Murk, a duo he andDJ/producer Ralph Falcon headed up. He's still doing the same now,...
South Beach Regal: The Villa By Barton G.
InDecember 2009, Barton G. Weiss took over Casa Casuarina, formerly knownas the Versace Mansion, and imprinted his own personal style on thishistorical building. Located at the heart of South Beach, The Villa is an experience like none other with $5,000-a-night rooms, a spa and a romantic-styled restaurant. When you first walk past the...
Event Preview: Eddie Thoneick at SET
When it comes to SET nightclub, there's a certain type of sound that you have to have as a DJ-producer in order to get booked there. First of all, you have to have lively sets, nothing too boring and run of the mill. Second, there's the bump factor. If your music doesn't have the kind of bump that'll keep a crowd on their feet for at least three...
Best of the Best: Set Nightclub
Whenit comes to nightlife in major markets such as New York, Los Angeles,Miami and Las Vegas, there are clubs that stand out and can berecognized by a 20-something in a small town, then there’s the few thatare just as prominent, but don’t get the same amount of press. "Why isthat," you ask? Well, because they’re so exclusive, that...
Richie Hawtin Plays Mansion This November
Who would you prefer to see live? Plastikman or Richie Hawtin? Well, if you're not that into electronic music you're probably thinking, "What the hell's the difference? Same thing." Well, we're sorry to say that you're an idiot if that's what you're thinking. Production value wise, Plastikman is a whole different visual experience, but...
Event Preview: TV Rock at Cameo
Vocal house and Miami go together like soy sauce and sticky white rice. Yes, South Florida is a hotbed for electronic music, but there's something about vocal house that really sets off the locals here. Which is why this week for the event preview we've got all our eyes focused on TV Rock at Cameo. The vocal house duo hailing from Australia have...
Miami's Best Rock Bars
Miami's known to have one of the most robust nightlife scenes in thenation, with thousands of visitors flocking to the streets of downtownMiami and South Beach just to spend their hard earned money on a goodtime out. Most of the time our scene is associated with the glitz andglam of the mega-clubs that rule the attention of our visitors, butthere...
Downtown Staple: The Vagabond Miami
Miami’s known for a lot of things: Art Deco, Dan Marino, Chicken Kitchen; but most notably South Beach and the debaucherous, world-class nightclubs that it’s famous for. Typically, when one thinks of these nightspots, a few things rightfully and historically come to mind: beautiful,wealthy, statuesque people rubbing elbows with celebrities who all...
Event Preview: Calvin Harris at Mansion
Calvin Harris isn't the typical electronic music artist. He productions are absolute big-room hits, but he's more of a performer than anything else. He plays the type of music that would kill the dance floor at big clubs all over Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City (and they certainly have). Just take a quick listen to this radio hit, "I'm...
B.E.D.'s New Weekly Party
We've said it before and we'll say it again: weekly parties in Miami never last as long as you think they will. There's no real formula to having a successful long run with a weekly party in South Beach or downtown Miami, if there were, promoters all over the city would be paying top dollar in order to get themselves acquainted with the secret....
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