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Los Amigos Invisibles Play Miami
It's fair to say that Miami is just a big of a melting pot as any other market in the U.S., but only when it comes to Latin American countries. From Cubans and Puerto Ricans, to Colombians and Venezuelans, there's no shortage of Spanish speakers in the city, also making it one big market for Latin music. From Mansion in South Beach to The...
4th of July Weekend at Mansion with Steve Aoki
While his humble beginnings as an electro DJ seemed to be where he'd stay for the entirety of his career, Steve Aoki began to understand that to truly stand out in the dance music world, you have to create your own sound. Fast forward years later, and now he's one of the most popular dance music acts to come out of the U.S., and his emerging Dim...
Back Door Bamby Celebrates 15 Years This Week
Since it first opened in 2008, The Vagabond has been one of the most beloved nightlife venues in Miami. Not because of it's cool water/fire fountain in the garden area, or because of the sick Funktion 1 sound system inside, but because of its door policy. The whole motto behind The Vagabond is "Come as you are..." an...
Chris Lake Prepares to Headline Mansion
When Chris Lake first came to Miami to play BED's then new weekly Tuesday night party, we weren't entirely sure what to make of it. First of all, we were pretty positive that it wouldn't be a sold-out night, not because of Lake, but primarily due to the opening night of the new weekly. When have you ever heard of a Tuesday night weekly packing...
Independance Returns in 2011 with 3 Days
Once summer starts to creep closer in Miami, everyone starts to cut the bullshit, opting for protein shakes and a 5-mile run for dinner, rather than an empanada or the classic Cubano sandwich. While everyone tries their best to get ripped up for the summer parties in South Beach, promoters and party producers try to outdo themselves by...
Independance 2011 Brings in Victor Calderone
Victor Calderone is known widely in many dance music circles as one of the top DJ-producers to hail from the U.S. His parties at Pacha NYC have been some of the most memorable to date, but once he steps out of NYC it seems as though his crowd only gets bigger. Miami's big house heads are quite fond of Calderone, especially when he plays Club...
Amnesia Nightclub Opens In Miami
Opening on October 21, 2011, Amnesia Miami will be hitting the nightclub scene in South Beach. According to venue reps, it has the potential to actually change the Miami clubbing experience. Although it's a phrase we've heard many times in the past, we're more than willing to give it a shot. Amnesia Miami is an 29,000 square foot...
5-Qs w/ Lazaro Casanova
They call it "The Groove." A feeling of audial bliss that starts at your toes and creeps up your legs until it hits your soul. What happens next? You move, and move and move, until you work up a smile and a sweat. There's only one way to reach this groove, and that's through music. There are many connoisseurs of the groove, but it's...
The Clevelander's "Get Down"
Sometimes going to the same nightclubs can get old. Even if you frequent two or three, most of the time it’s the same setup; giant dance floors facing the DJ booth and a bar here and there. But sometimes there’s a certain level of exclusivity that you look for, and we’re talking inside not at the door. Sure we have places like SET and Mokaï,...
Calvin Harris Readies for SET
Calvin Harris plays the kind of electronic music that's both radio-friendly and club friendly, something that's not the easiest thing to do. There is a difference between a track that's radio-friendly and club friendly, bringing into play elements of timing and vocals. But somehow, Calvin Harris manages to blur the lines,...
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