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Downtown Style: MIA Ultra Lounge
Venues come in all shapes and sizes- some are lounges, some are bars and some are full-on nightclubs. But this 14,000-square-foot venue, MIA Ultra Lounge, happens to be a 3-in-1 deal where they blend each to create a nightlife venue that’s just right for almost everyone. MIA Ultra Lounge,located on the corner of Flagler and Biscayne, is a...
Downtown Leisure: Segafredo Brickell
Miami is known for its prominent nightlife scene, and although we love the city and its ability to always keep us entertained, it’s the business entrepreneurs that are fueling these venues that have a concern at hand. With Miami’s ever-changing nightlife scene, where one minute you are hot and the next you are shut out, it comes to no surprise why...
Dancegiving Highlights Thanksgiving Weekend!
It’s the end of November, which can only mean one thing, the holiday season has officially started. So what are you going to be doing the day after Thanksgiving? Waking up early to check out those post turkey-day Black Friday sales? Well, if that’s your plan, than you need to schedule a mid morning nap into that itinerary, because if you live in...
South Beach's Chimera: Dream Nightclub
When you think of the actual purpose of a nightclub, a majority of the times you’ll get something along the lines of, “leave your problems at the door to come in and drink and dance the night away.” For the most part that statement is pretty dead on. In other words, going to a nightclub at times can almost be seen as a place that’s out of the...
Event Preview: David Guetta at Mansion
Loud and boisterous vocals, heavy bass, catchy hooks, and the kind of electro meets house, meets techno, meets progressive sounds that you can only get from one man. That's the kind of sentence it takes to describe what David Guetta's sound is all about. Over the past couple of years he's become one of the most talked about names in electronic...
Sharam Guest DJs at SET Friday
When you're a DJ-producer and you finally get a crack at headlining a club like SET in South Beach, you better be ready to perform. Everyone knows that if things go well for a DJ in a club, chances are that they'll be booked again. But when it comes to SET, it's another story. The crowd at this chic and exclusive nightlife venue love their bottle...
Get Your Hookah On!
For several years now, over 400 new hookah bars have opened in the United States. Despite public smoking bans, hookah bars and lounges are permitted to operate in most U.S. cities by having a special license. Hookah lounges are places where visitors can enjoy music and Middle Eastern cuisine, while smoking a hookah pipe. Finding a hookah bar in...
Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano at Mansion!
Everyone in Miami knows that when it comes to Mansion nightclub on a Saturday night, they bring the house...and they bring it in a way that no one else does. While there may be some other clubs in South Beach that book stellar talent, there's nothing like the raw energy that you get once you walk past the velvet rope and through the massive...
Celebrating 21 the Right Way
There’s no doubt about it, turning 21 is a big deal for a true night owl and it should be celebrated with a major bang. At 21, you're officially an adult and legal to drink alcohol. We have come up with some great ways to celebrate your 21st birthday in style. Remember, the important thing is that you have fun and celebrate safely, among...
Los Amigos Invisibles Play Miami
It's fair to say that Miami is just a big of a melting pot as any other market in the U.S., but only when it comes to Latin American countries. From Cubans and Puerto Ricans, to Colombians and Venezuelans, there's no shortage of Spanish speakers in the city, also making it one big market for Latin music. From Mansion in South Beach to The...
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