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The Best Summer Music Videos
Has your summer already started off with a bang? Well, keep it going! Summer barbeques and parties are nothing without the music -- even if it is just playing in the background. These music videos are some of the best of this summer -- guaranteed to have singing along and getting onto the dancefloor. Adele - Rolling In The Deep Ne-Yo Ft....
Miami's Best 18+ Clubs
Miami's known more as an adult playground, but aren't you considered an adult when you turn 18? Although a majority of the clubs in South Beach and downtown Miami don't let anyone step foot inside until they're 21 (which makes sense because they'd like to make more at the bar), there are a few select venues that give the youngsters a break...
Best Summertime Beers
It's summertime, and the livin' is easy. Whether you opt for some fun in the sun on the beach or choose to fire up the grill and flip burgers with your buds, it's safe to say that it's the perfect time of year for beer. And what better way to quench your thirst than with a brew strictly reserved for this sun-soaked season? Here's a list of...
4 Reasons Why LIV's on Top
Partying in Miami is glamorous in itself, but when you want to get to that highest echelon of nightlife fabulousness, the only place to go is LIV. Many factors go into why a certain venue becomes as trendy and prestigous as it does, but it seems as though LIV pretty much has it all. It’s not that we are trying to promote the club (LIV definitely...
Stone Groove Tuesdays at The Vagabond
Mondays are dreaded by everyone... unless you're unemployed, of course. The weekend wraps up and Monday comes in to smack you right in the face with TPS reports, printer issues, and your boss getting up in your grill for reasons that you can't even fathom. That's why nightlife in Miami provides us with weekly parties on Mondays and Tuesdays. But...
Prime Time Eater: Chop House Miami
There’s a place in Miami where eating the red meat is more of a religious experience than a meal. Once your fork sticks into that beef and the knife finishes the job, you'll be salivating from the moment you take the first bite. Once it’s over, you immediately start thinking of all the other places you’ve eaten in the past, and...
Amnesia Nightclub Opens In Miami
Opening on October 21, 2011, Amnesia Miami will be hitting the nightclub scene in South Beach. According to venue reps, it has the potential to actually change the Miami clubbing experience. Although it's a phrase we've heard many times in the past, we're more than willing to give it a shot. Amnesia Miami is an 29,000 square foot...
Space Presents Killer Lineup This Weekend
If you're lucky, then you're reading this while you sit back at home watching Maury, only meaning that you managed to skip out on work and get the long-weekend started early. Once summer rolls around, the nation waits for 4th of July weekend, the one extended weekend that gets us an extra day off, and more parties to hit up in a 3-day...
Robbie Plays Nikki This Sunday
When you've built your reputation in dance music in Miami, chances are you're already ahead of the game. It's no secret that Miami's big on dance music, but even bigger on their homegrown talent. From Oscar G. and Ralph Falcon, to Cedric Gervais and Markus Schulz, there's no shortage of talented DJ-producers that started their careers in Miami....
The Best Videos of The '90s
The saying "oldies but goodies" can sometimes never be more true. When you're in your car, listening to the radio and a great song comes on from your teenage days you tend to belt out every word without a care in the world. Hearing songs from the past is a great reminder of who your favorite artist or band was at the time. The '90s had...
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