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This Year's Top 4th of July Cocktails
It’s that time of year again and for the holiday that honors our independence, we’re heading to beach bashes, picnics, and BBQs with....cases of beer? Have some pride for your country by skipping the six-pack. Instead, celebrate 4th of July with festive cocktails that make an explosive statement. For drink enthusiasts everywhere ready to...
Angry, Happy, Sad: 3 Cocktails, 3 Moods
There are three specific moods a person can be in. We all know of so many different ways to deal with any type of emotion, but the best cure? A large glass of alcohol. We've listed three great cocktails that are bound to turn that frown upside down...or just make you feel even better than you already do. Bottoms up! Angry: Adios...
The Ultimate 4th of July Weekend Party Guide
July 4th Weekend -- also known as one of the best weekends of the summer. Barbeques, beaches, outdoor parties, fireworks...so much happens during this weekend sometimes it's hard to keep up. But, if you want to make sure your 2011 4th of July is nothing but successful then leave it all up to us. Here is your ultimate guide to having a...
Miami’s Top Gay Nightlife Destinations
Miami’s known to be one of the best party destinations in the United States. Not only are some of the best nightclubs and lounges located on the infamous streets of South Beach, but we have the Atlantic Ocean as our backyard! Every other city in America has a right to be a bit jealous of us, but we won't pay any mind to that. There’s one other...
DJ Camilo Plays Mansion
While it may be tough to get booked as a DJ in Miami if you're known for dance music, it's even tougher as a hip-hop DJ. While Miami's known primarily for it's house music, hip-hop's just as big, with some of the biggest clubs in downtown and South Beach hosting weekly hip-hop parties, or having a room dedicated to the genre. While the best DJs...
Fatboy Slim Comes to the Surfcomber for the 4th of July!
Most of us know Fatboy Slim for his breakout single, "Weapon Of Choice," the dance hit that had Christopher Walken prancing around a chic hotel like we've never seen him before. But, there are also endless hits that this DJ-producer has cultivated, from "Funk Soul Brother," to "Push The Tempo," his music's kept us...
The "Reality" of Nightlife
Other than the clothes we wear and venue we choose, we have very little control over how a night at a club will turn out. You might not get in, the crowd could be crazy, the music could suck, and on and on and on. It often feels as though our fate is left to the gods. But it turns out these gods are neither mystical nor superhuman, and even have...
The 5 Signs of a Good Bartender
Being a good bartender could make or break you. You're either going to go home rolling in tips or whipping out the classifieds. With five easy things to remember it's guaranteed that your guest will leave your bar satisfied -- and probably a little drunk. Oh, and don't forget to smile and be nice...no matter who you're serving! The...
Independance 2011 Brings in Victor Calderone
Victor Calderone is known widely in many dance music circles as one of the top DJ-producers to hail from the U.S. His parties at Pacha NYC have been some of the most memorable to date, but once he steps out of NYC it seems as though his crowd only gets bigger. Miami's big house heads are quite fond of Calderone, especially when he plays Club...
Bottle Dis-Service
The bottle service club. Not for the feign of heart. A special kind of price gouging inflicted upon clubgoers in an increasing number of cities, with well-known hot spots like Las Vegas and Los Angeles taking top honors. These night spots are full of potential hidden dangers lurking behind every shiny table. If you aren't looking to spend all of...
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