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Miami’s Beer Gem: Zeke’s Roadhouse Miami
Think of a place where a man feels like a man. Now…nine times out of ten there’s definitely beer involved with the said place. So, it’s fair to say that beer is one of the most important characteristics in man’s life. Not only does it taste like some heavenly nectar sent down from the Gods, but, it also gets you drunk, something that we here now a...
Event Preview: Benny Benassi at Mansion
When it comes to DJ bookings in the city, there are names that we frequently see grace flyers time and time again, and then there are those one offs that really get everyone’s attention. However, its those names that we often see that really pack the club, and this week Mansion is bringing in one of their favorite DJ/Producers that always packs...
WMC Updates: Sunday School Back at Ice Palace
There are events that are pretty recurrent when Winter Music Conference rolls around. Juicy Beach, Dig Deeper with Danny Howells and AM Only’s One Night Only event are just some of the great returning parties. But there’s one party that’s always on the last day of Winter Music Conference that the true WMC warriors wait for, and that’s Sunday...
WMC Updates: Juicy Beach Brings in Miami Names
One of the most popular parties of Winter Music Conference is held at Click Nikki Beach Club every year, Juicy Beach. Put together by world-renown DJ/Producer Robbie Rivera and his wife Monica, Juicy Beach saw 7000 visitors last year between the hours of 1 p.m. and 5 a.m., that’s why this year it’s expected to be one of the biggest parties of...
WMC Updates: Loco Dice and Luciano's Pool Party
When DJMag teamed up with Click The Shelborne last year for Winter Music Conference 2009, many thought it wouldn’t produce the quality types of parties that had been going on for a few years. However, they were quickly proved wrong as the line-up they released included some of the biggest names in the electronic dance music world. However, there...
CoolJunkie Interview's Robbie Rivera
One of the biggest names to come out of Miami in the electronic dance music world is Robbie Rivera. Getting his big start in 2000 with his hit “Bang,” Rivera is now one of the bigger names in the genre, playing some of the biggest EDM hotbeds around the world, as well as producing one of the most popular events during Miami’s annual Winter Music...
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