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Best Outdoor Bars in Miami
It’s summertime in Miami and things are heating up… yes in terms of nightlife, but we meant more in terms of the humidity... the kind of humidity that’s killing us as each day goes by. While nightclubs may serve up the kind of powerful A/C that many of us wish we had in our homes, sometimes it’s not the same as having a drink...
Miami’s Nightlife Battle for Attention: Downtown Miami vs. South Beach
A war has been waging between South Beach and downtown Miami for decades now. No need to worry, this war has nothing to do with violence and everything to do with music –please leave your weapons at home for this one. In a constant battle to see who can attract more party-goers, both have been successful in accomplishing their goals of throwing...
The Most Expensive Music Videos
Music videos are the artists way of entertaining their fans -- so they obviously have to go all out if they want to entertain us. We found some of the most expensive music videos in music history. You'd be surprised at the great lengths the artist, producers and directors go to in order to make an outstanding video. What do you think of the...
The Best 80s Music Videos
Although everyone has their own genre's of music they like, I think it's safe to say that when it comes to those hits from the 80s there's no dispute. Some of the greatest artist's have come out of the 80s and their hits are still played in nightclubs everywhere. Today, music videos are so technologically advanced that you can take it or leave...
3 Tips To Getting a Quicker Drink at a Crowded Bar
Nothing can be more irritating then standing at a bar for 20 minutes and trying to get a bartender to notice you just for a beer. There are a million things running through your head, like "it’s not fair" or you were "standing here way before that person was." Then you start to do random things to see if the bartender...
4 Reasons Not to Open a Tab
When you have a few drinks it’s very easy to lose sight of what's going on around you. Telling the bartender to keep your tab open may not be the best idea. There are so many things that could go wrong and you’re probably not going to realize it right away – sometime’s you won’t even realize until days later! To make sure this doesn’t happen to...
Independance Returns in 2011 with 3 Days
Once summer starts to creep closer in Miami, everyone starts to cut the bullshit, opting for protein shakes and a 5-mile run for dinner, rather than an empanada or the classic Cubano sandwich. While everyone tries their best to get ripped up for the summer parties in South Beach, promoters and party producers try to outdo themselves by...
3-0-5 Girls: Miami’s Ladies Broken Up into Nightlife Scenes
In a city as culturally diverse as Miami, there's no way you could possibly categorize its women into merely one stereotype. An all-around, one-type "Miami girl" simply does not exist. But I've managed to come up with a few categorizations based on where they prefer to go out – after all, it is one of the party capitals of the world....
Camp Bisco X
On July 7th through 9th Camp Bisco will be returning for their 2011 festival -- but this year they are also celebrating their ten year anniversary! Camp Bisco is a three-day outdoor music festival held at the Indian Lookout Country Club in Mariaville, New York (near Albany).   This rain or shine event includes camping so you don't miss...
Identity Festival 2011 Comes To Bayfront Park
Bayfront Park has seen its fair share of events, but nothing like what's coming its way this August. The first ever touring electronic dance music festival, Identity, will be taking place on Thursday, August 25th, at Bayfront Park. While it could be compared on a small-scale to Ultra Music Festival, Bayfront usually doesn't see any of the...
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