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CoolJunkie Interview's Robbie Rivera
One of the biggest names to come out of Miami in the electronic dance music world is Robbie Rivera. Getting his big start in 2000 with his hit “Bang,” Rivera is now one of the bigger names in the genre, playing some of the biggest EDM hotbeds around the world, as well as producing one of the most popular events during Miami’s annual Winter Music...
Event Preview: Benny Benassi at Mansion
When it comes to DJ bookings in the city, there are names that we frequently see grace flyers time and time again, and then there are those one offs that really get everyone’s attention. However, its those names that we often see that really pack the club, and this week Mansion is bringing in one of their favorite DJ/Producers that always packs...
Event Preview: Friday Night Lights at BED
Last weekend in Miami it was all about football, and if you thought you saw some big fans around, wait until this weekend for one of the biggest annual events in sports history, the Super Bowl. Miami was honored by hosting both the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl this year, but it’s the nightlife biz that should really be thanking the NFL. This...
Top Super Bowl Weekend Parties in Miami
That’s right people, Super Bowl weekend is finally days away and this year Miami is lucky enough to host the colossal sport event. While this is a huge boost to the economy in the city, it’s also creates a great opportunity for promoters throughout the city to put on really great events and show all the visitors what Miami nightlife is all about....
As Chic As You Can Get: The Gansevoort South Miami
What does one really look for in a hotel? The majority may say comfort, location and price is key. However, here in Miami the nightlife aspect is just as important. South Beach is the home of some of the hottest hotels in the nation, and even around the world, but there’s one hotel that really takes the cake when it comes to having an...
WMC Update: The Surfcomber Brings Back Boris
During Winter Music Conference this year, it’s fair to say that some of the most popular parties of the insanely debaucherous week will be the pool parties. Conference always manages to bring Miami good weather, and our Euro visitors love to take advantage of that great weather…especially the ladies (wink, wink boys). One of the most popular...
Event Preview: Mark Knight at The Space Terrace
Last year when we found out that Space would be bringing in Mark Knight and his Toolroom Knights party to Miami outside of Winter Music Conference, we knew it would automatically be our pick of the week as far as events went. Well, it’s happening again this week and sure enough it’s our pick as the top party in Miami this weekend. It’s not...
CoolJunkie Interviews Sydney Blu
This Saturday night Sydney Blu returns to Mansion nightclub to kick off her newly acquired residency. Since day one she's been a hit in Miami, and now she's ready to own her own night this weekend in front of one of the biggest crowds that Miami draws on a weekly basis. Cooljunkie recently caught up with Sydney Blu and chatted about her new...
WMC Update: Club Space's MMC Lineup
Club Space is without a doubt one of the most popular nightlife destinations for the Miami Music Conference. Each year thousands of visitors that come to Miami get tickets just to be a part of an event at Club Space, go back to their respective countries or homes, and tell their friends about their experience. Well, for Club Space fans the wait is...
WMC Update: Lawler's Lights Out at BED
One of the most popular annual recurring events during Winter Music Conference is Steve Lawler’s ‘Lights Out’ party. Held at Nocturnal last year, there was a bit of an issue causing the event to shut down, but this year it’s back again and we’re pretty damn sure that ticket buyers will want the UK DJ-producer to really deliver something special,...
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