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Pretty Lights Interview
You’ll see DJs and producers nowadays who lose themselves in their work. They book back-to-back gigs cross-country and go through the motions of an artist while remaining hollow, segregated from their fans and the whole of their surroundings. While these guys are working towards some foggy final destination, Derek Vincent Smith, the producer...
CoolJunkie Interviews Axwell
A successful DJ/producer on his own, or paired with Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso to form the Swedish House Mafia, Axwell is one artist who proves that it is possible nowadays to be both house DJ and household name. The Swedish non-blonde, first dented the electronic music scene with “Feel the Vibe” back in 2004. He continued to make his...
DJ Hell Interview
DJ Hell is a name that's synonymouswith the sound of Get Physical, one of the most creative andgroove-filled electronic dance music labels in the world. But thenthere's his own label, International Deejay Gigolos, that's producedpopular hits like "Soy Como Soy," and "Upside Down." The man has beenin the electronic music biz for...
Pete Tong Interview
One of the busiest men in electronic music is Pete Tong. Not only is heone of the most recognized voices in the music genre (and he's not evena singer), but he's also a widely known DJ/producer that tours theworld playing some of the biggest and most popular clubs around. His'Wonderland' parties in Ibiza are massive and his mix compilations areone...
The Best Halloween Songs
Twas the night before Halloween and all through L.A. sexy ghouls and Sarah Palin’s were ready to play. The e-vites were sent out, there’s booze in the freezer, the pumpkins were carved, this party couldn’t be easier! But then with a gasp, a yelp and a shriek, you realized you need MUSIC, Halloween inspired beats! But whom do you turn to...
The 10 Greatest Music Videos
Music is what we thrive on – the videos are just an added bonus. Over the years, music videos have improved greatly with the use of technology. But, even with all the improvements and the sparkle new artists seem to give off the “oldies” are still on top. See what we deem to be the 10 greatest music videos over the past three decades…some may...
The Top DJ Videos
Some of the most intricate music videos are shot when a DJ is spinning at a club or a party. DanceTrippin TV captures some of the best moments a DJ has on stage -- making you feel as though you are right there enjoying the party. These videos capture the DJ in his element, the stage, the equipment and of course the people dancing and having a...
The Top Dancing Videos
Throughout music history some great artists have been formed into the biggest stars known around the world. The music they make is always on the top of the charts and they know how to grab their fans attention -- the main element being dance. Many music videos include a hit song but it can sometimes be boring to watch. Artists like, Michael...
The Top Nightclub Music Videos
When going to the club for the night, besides drinking, there's only one other thing on your mind...dancing. Knowing what kind of music the club plays is crucial to how your night is going to go. You don't want to be a wallflower while everyone else is on the dance floor. So we have listed the top nightclub music videos -- if the club plays one of...
The Best Summer Music Videos
Has your summer already started off with a bang? Well, keep it going! Summer barbeques and parties are nothing without the music -- even if it is just playing in the background. These music videos are some of the best of this summer -- guaranteed to have singing along and getting onto the dancefloor. Adele - Rolling In The Deep Ne-Yo Ft....
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